AVID Development brings together a unique mix of skills cutting across a vast range of sectors from Trade and Regional Integration, to Governance, Justice, Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Legal matters and Banking. Our unique approach seeks to find the intersectionality and integrate these issues in the work we do.

We do this by ensuring a thorough understanding of the problem/ challenge presented by the Client and the context within which they operate. We then collaborate with our Clients to imagine and create solutions that are responsive and tailor made.

We however, do not hesitate to question and disrupt the norm in our quest for sustainable solutions. We do this from a point of trust, with the aim of catalyzing change from within and building bridges with partners to address the external aspects.

At all times, we ensure that the Client is in the driving seat, and we work with you as market experts to question, advise, and catalyze your thinking and work.


At AVID Development, we are driven by a set of core principles



Exceeding Clients’ Expectations

We are committed to facilitating our clients achieve their goals by providing focused advisory services and research of the highest quality that will consistently exceed their expectations


Investing In Talent

To deliver on our commitment to our clients, we recruit and develop the best people. We believe that, by delivering great client service, we will be involved in the most interesting and challenging client work and, as a result, achieve the reputation and the high levels of profitability which are essential to attracting and retaining the best people. 


Strength Through Diversity

We value the diversity of the people and cultures within our organization where our teams are supported to succeed on merit; and diversity in our region as reflected in our work. 


Local Excellence, Global Standards

We ensure we can benefit our clients by combining the highest global standards of research, analysis with local excellence of service and by maintaining the depth, quality and scale of resources necessary to meet our clients’ needs whenever and wherever they arise.


An Adaptable and Approachable Team

We believe in the power of collaboration, collegiality and teamwork and we have an open, approachable style. We expect our people to be flexible and creative and to have the desire and drive to embrace new experiences and challenges. We require everyone to put the interests of our clients and the Firm before their own. 



Our strength comes from our One Firm approach and our partnership ethos. They underpin our ability to deliver excellent client service and create a working environment where talented people can succeed. We are ambitious for our clients and ourselves but we understand the importance of making a positive impact on the community at large. 


Thinking Ahead

To be at the forefront of the research profession requires foresight, a desire to share ideas and a willingness to have a voice on issues of importance. We have the confidence to challenge existing thinking and to push boundaries. At AVID Development, we are determined to be the leader of an elite group of consultancy firms and to be at the top of the profession in each area where we practise. Our aim is to be regarded as one of Africa’s leading professional services organisations in the core areas in which we practice.

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